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Starring | Barry J. Ratcliffe - Eliza Swenson - Stephanie Basco - Cory Knauf - Kate Melia

                 Larry Laverty - Tasha Dixon

Directed by | Veronica Craven

Produced by | Clifford Charbonneau - Veronica Craven

Written by | Veronica Craven - Barry J. Ratcliffe

Director of Photography | Phil Grasso

Edited by | Ricky Gutteridge

Music by | Michael Rivera


Pocahauntus - The ancient spirit of Pocahontas returns to take grizzly revenge for the massacre of her people. Produced by Tahl Gurl Productions and Bear Talent Films, this film is available for rent on Netflix and for purchase on Giant Leap Films was responsible for the visual FX, cinematography, and editing.


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