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Giant Leap Films Set to Compete in Film Fest



      Giant Leap Films is set to compete in the California Independent Film Festival's Iron Filmmaker Competition on Saturday, January 22, 2011. Phil Grasso and Reese Sinai are set to co-direct the short which must come in under three minutes long and be completed within twenty four hours of the start of the competition.


      No pre-planning has been done other than a vague breakdown of the schedule for the day, and there is a consensus among the team that the genre will be a comedy provided the rules allow it. Last year's theme, which was announced the morning of the start of the contest, was 'super powers' which gave filmmakers much room to work.


      Although Giant Leap Films did not compete last year as a company, Grasso, David J. Erikson, and long time collaborator Tony Alfaro worked with a team serving in various roles from co-directing to acting and brought in a 2nd place winner as well as numerous best performance awards. Photos and videos will be posted the day of the competition.