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Starring | Caitlin Dissinger - Shayne Barrentine - Zachary Gossett - Larry Laverty - Dov Jacobs -

                  Judy Cerda

Directed by | Phil Grasso

Produced by | David J. Erikson - Ricky Gutteridge

Associate Producers | Greg Kast - Bill Kane

Director of Photography | Tylor Bohlman

Written by |Phil Grasso - Ricky Gutteridge

Edited by | Ricky Gutteridge

Music by | Nick DePinna


ChainSmoke is Giant Leap Films' first entirely in-house feature film production. It tells the story of a card- counting gambler and his newlywed wife who learn the hard way that life bites back when you take shortcuts. This film was released theatrically and DVD distribution is soon to come.


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